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Tips For Investors As The Season Kicks Off

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The season has begun for investors. If you’ve ever considered buying and flipping, you’ve probably done your research. First impressions and appeal are necessary for selling a house. There are a myriad of major and minor renovations that you can do to get the home back up to par and make top dollar back on your investment.

What are some of the common (and not so common) parts of flipping a home to take into consideration as an investor:

Cosmetic details can make or break a buyer’s decision to write an offer. Paint, carpet, flooring, light fixtures, cabinets, and countertops are all part of the buyers’ perception of insides of the house. If what they can see with the naked eye looks appealing they want to take a closer look. If the obvious cosmetics of the house are not at their best, you might have turned potential buyers away before they even get to the big ticket items you’ve invested into the salability of the home.

Curb appeal is your first impression! Even if you don’t hire professionals to come in and landscape the yard and surrounding exterior, make sure to clean it up. Get rid of dead trees and bushes. Throw down some mulch and mow the lawn. Don’t let the yard give buyers a funny taste in their mouths, so they don’t make it in the front door.

Appliances and utilities are essential to buyers. If you buy a new dishwasher or a refrigerator make sure it matches the decor of the rest of the kitchen, and the other appliances. If the furnace or water heater are on their last leg, you might benefit from replacing. At the very least make sure to have it all serviced and got a seal of approval from licensed contractors so that if the buyers have questions they know everything has been tested and functions.

Driveways matter. Many times driveways get overlooked. However, once an inspector comes in the holes, divets, and uneven asphalt or concrete come to light. Better to have it evened out and had the imperfections patched before you even get to that point.

STAGE: Some investors feel that staging a home is an added and unnecessary expense. But if you want to give the buyer a feeling of “home” staging is the way to go. It will help them envision how they can transform the space into their own home and if there are smaller rooms it can give them a sense of how they can be utilized without giving them a chance to try to picture how their furniture will NOT fit.

Clean up your mess! If you’ve been working on the house (or hired others to) make sure the dust and debris is cleaned up before you start showing! It can be a small thing to overlook but make all the difference to the buyer’s impression of the home!

Don’t OVER improve the house. Many new investors are so concerned with the finished product that they forget that every little fixture and detail adds up. If the home doesn’t NEED something to make it stand out, don’t fix it. If you’re flipping a condo, you’re not going to put in the same fixtures that you would put into a million dollar house. You won’t get that investment back, so be mindful of where you spend your money.

Don’t skip a home inspection! Even if you plan to completely gut the house you need to know what you’re dealing with. Unless you are a licensed inspector yourself, I HIGHLY recommend spending the little bit you’ll need to make sure the significant functions of the home are running smoothly before you close and inherit all of the defects. You’d be surprised how the naked eye can’t see a number of huge issues unless you’re a trained professional.

If you’ve ever considered buying and flipping homes you’ve probably done your research about the major renovations that sell a house. You want to make sure your investment brings you a return and not a hole in your wallet. Make sure to take careful steps along the way so you can find the process of flipping a house to bring you the joy, excitement, and MONEY you hoped!
Good luck and happy hunting!

6 New Year’s Resolutions For Homeowners

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It’s almost that time of year again! The time where we set our goals for the following year. We strive to do better, to be better, and to make our lives more fulfilling. This year, instead of focusing on personal goals, I’m going to try something new. I am giving my resolutions to my house. I’m going to focus more on home management and giving my home the love and attention it deserves.

So here’s to a new year, and a “new” home!

1. Lose Weight: Every year I promise myself I will cut carbs, limit sweets, and eat healthier. In my homes case, losing weight is more a matter of getting rid of the items that are loading up my closets, my basement, my crawl, and my attic. Decluttering and getting rid of anything I haven’t touched, worn, or used in over a year is going to feel GREAT. I plan to box the items as I clean out my closets into donations, for sale, and what needs to go to the trash. Getting rid of some extra “weight” will never have felt so good.

2. Drink Less: It’s a common resolution for people to cut back on their alcohol intake. For my home, this means I am going to be more aware of my family’s energy and water uses. Making sure we turn lights off we aren’t using, not letting my kids run the water while they brush their teeth, and being as efficient with our heat/air throughout the year will help save our energy, and in turn, save us some money.

3. Plan More Family Time: I make plans to do things in my home, and then life happens, and something else takes my energy and my motivation away from my plans. I often start projects that get only half completed (or not at all). This year, I plan to schedule my home improvement projects and plan to make sure I do not start a new one until the last is complete.

4. Drink More Water: Regarding my home, I think this applies to my neglected lawn and garden. I am going to focus this summer on making sure the dry patches are tended. I want to be more attentive to my garden and prune my roses when I should, rake the leaves when they need, and not wait until the lawn is overgrown before I mow. This will give my home the exterior appeal that I am looking for so that when I come home after a long day of work, the first thing I see will be my beautifully maintained yard.

5. Work Out: Instead of calling in help for small repairs or renovations, I am going to put forth the effort to learn to do the small things on my own. The internet is vast with information and many home improvement or repair projects can be done with minimal tools and even less experience. A little guidance and a lot of motivation, and before I know it I’ll be fixing up my whole house, ALL ON MY OWN!

6. Stop Procrastinating: I often put projects or maintenance on the back burner when it comes to my home. In life, this means anxiety and cramming in work to meet critical deadlines. But in homeownership, this means significant utilities and home operating systems break down because of the lack of care they’ve been given. This past year my water heater rusted out because I hadn’t noticed it was on its last leg. This year, I will put more time into small maintenance acts that will help the longevity of my home’s vital systems and hopefully keep me from a financially draining home emergency.

Who says resolutions have to be personal? I think putting a little time, effort, and organization into my home will be a great way for me to spend my year working on my largest investment. Pride of ownership shines through and there’s no pride like the one you create yourself! Happy New Year, here’s to a better home and ultimately, a better you! 

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