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9 Reasons Why Every Home Buyer Should Choose A Professional

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With a world of technology at our fingertips, it is easy to take matters into our own hands. With vast knowledge just a click away it seems that any task we have to overcome can be easily accessed via Google. I often find myself looking to the internet for answers to many questions that pop up throughout the day. What temperature to cook chicken? How do I repel ants in a safe way for children? What ways can I conserve energy in my house? Small answers are ones I’m thankful to have at my disposal whenever I need a quick solution.

But, when it comes to something big, like investing in a property, sometimes it’s better to leave it to the professionals to do the heavy lifting for you.

Because of the plethora of information we are privy to, many people looking to buy a house find it to be simple to research on their own. With access to unlimited sites offering homes for sale with photos, stats, and information with just a quick click, it might seem as though you don’t need a Realtor to help in this process. But, when you can easily have an expert on demand, it would just be silly not to take advantage of it!

I can’t tell you how many people that have told me that before contacting me, they had been setting up appointments, calling every listing agent, and planning to meet them throughout the day to view houses. It is a lot of work to take on as a buyer, especially when you’re also trying to learn the neighborhood, the market, or the fair market values along the way. It’s so much work for anyone to do on their own, and it’s unnecessary! That’s OUR job.

Do you need to use a Realtor to buy a house? Definitely not. But when it does not cost you a penny to do so and the list of advantages are profound, why would you take on that feat alone? Because as Realtors, helping people find homes, weigh options, write offers, negotiate, and go through the process of purchasing a house is our jam. Here’s why you NEED a Realtor when you buy a home:

1. As a buyer, there is no charge for you to use an agent. In many cases, it is the seller that pays the commission to their agent’s broker who then offers a commission to the buyer agent’s broker that brings a ready, willing, and able buyer to a home. If you aren’t going to have to pay your agent to search for homes, send them your way, update and find your criteria, set up the appointments and keep a record of what you liked/didn’t and why, what other reasons do I need?

But don’t fret, I have more:

2. Realtors eat, sleep, and breathe houses. You know that you are good at your job. You spend every day doing it, and you strive to show your employers that you are competent, necessary, and an expert in your field. Realtors are no different. They do this every day. They are in the game of houses. They negotiate for a living, and they will think of the odd situations that you might not consider, because as good as you are at your job, it isn’t buying and selling houses. When you’re quite possibly about to make the most significant investment of your life, you want an expert who does that as good as you do your job, every day.

3. Trying to schedule appointments to view homes with multiple agents gets confusing, and frustrating. For you. But for your agent, they have a process, a schedule, and a “way” of doing this that doesn’t make them (or you) want to pull hair out. It comes as second nature because this is something they do every day.

4. Realtors work with a network of professionals. They know which ones have done an excellent job, and which ones their clients were less than pleased with. And they know people in many trades. Especially the people you might need to complete your transaction or do the finishing touches you’d like to your home. And a Realtor’s reputation hinges on their referrals, so you know they would never steer you wrong.

5. Realtors work (and many times live) in the area you are moving to. They know the neighborhoods, the roads, the best places to eat, where to avoid during rush hour and routes to get you home faster in the snow. You would have an entire concierge at your disposal just through one person.

6. Realtors make your experience more exciting! Aside from your family, your Realtor is just as excited to help you find your dream home as you are to buy it! They will be 100% in your corner while you go through negotiations. They are on your side, but they are not emotionally attached which gives them the edge of showing you the reason and logic to your decisions and any good agent wouldn’t advise you to do anything that isn’t in your best interest, long-term.

7. If it hits the fan, your agent will fix it. And if they can’t, they will try like hell to find someone who will. Your agent will do their hardest to take the burden off of you and absorb the stress so that you can focus on what is most important.

8. Agents are like counselors. They will listen to your concerns, empathize with your heartache and excitement and lend a listening ear to anything you need to discuss, and usually at (almost) any time of the day or night.

9. Calling the listing agent means you are calling the seller’s hired expert. While in many states there is an option to be a dual agent and work as the agent for both sides of the transaction, really the seller’s agent already has a plethora of information and has had many conversations with the seller about their situation, their home, their goals. They have an advantage of knowing the seller longer and having a working relationship with them since before you came along. Why, as a buyer, wouldn’t you want that same advantage?


As fun as it is to “window shop” and look for houses on your own when it’s time to get down to business you want a professional in your corner. Someone with the expertise, knowledge, and experience to get the job done and anticipate every possible snag along the way before it happens so your home-buying experience can be seamless and enjoyable. Why take on the extra burden when there is someone out there who is capable, willing, and ready to do all of the hard work for you? Find a Realtor who understands your needs, is flexible with your schedule, and knows what you expect and let them take your hand and lead you to your dream home. 


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